We all need someone…

Two lost little souls find love and comfort in each other. Mother Liv loves her baby Bella. Nuff said!

In the garden, still very very hot. No rain, we have been using our sprinkler. Plants have been tentatively set into position in the front garden. Small chance of rain so, we will plant hopefully tomorrow.

Knitting continues hope to have pictures of my winter project that I am almost finished with. I had to set it down for quite awhile. That is how I am, I am really into something then I am over it, and need to walk away for awhile. Unfortunately for me I had to leave a project almost completed. However, it is nice to be done so quickly the second time around.

Knitted flower accessory bag

Today I need to create and did not have alot of time.
I was reading a super cool blog and came across a free pattern for this little knitted flower. Hmmm. left over yarn and just a little time is all it took. I had a blast making these. So easy and fun. I will make more to alternate across the top. I made this little bag for my 4 year old Em who loves make up and girlie things. She was thrilled. Try this flower it is a ton of fun!

close up of knitted flowers
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This pattern is from Little Cotton Rabbit’s Blog is so fun. Try it!

Where is the rain? It rained all over Texas, all over Arkansas, it rained all around my house, but darn the luck, it didn’t rain AT my house.
Arabella just couldn’t stay awake! 3 dogs joined her later, dark and gray perfect for curling into a ball and sleeping the day away. Phooey, will have to run the sprinkler tomorrow.

Olivia has a new best friend…!

Olivia has a new best friend.. Boo Boo kitty, otherwise known as Arabella. (we think she is a she) It is a little hard to tell. Boo Boo was found abandoned under a porch in midtown , Memphis. She still had her little eyes closed. So, she was hand raised, bottle fed. To date she is the sweetest, most loving little kitten I have ever seen.

Olivia came to us by chance. She was on our porch hiding behind a planter, my husband worked a while to get her to come to him. She was a tiny scrap of a puppy that was animal cops thin. Near starvation, no lie. Anyway, we took her in, put her mug up for all to see. We put a sign up at our local vet etc. free puppy to good home. We went to work on fattening her up, dishing out love, toys, nicknames “Pinky”, “Princess Olivia”, on it went. About a week later the phone rang, a seemingly nice fellow wanted our pup for his boy. “OK” said my husband. “Come and get her!” “Oh dear!” I said.The tears formed and my heart broke, heavy with despair.Princess Pinky was sprawled out on the couch amongst her toys I cried heartfelt tears and said “Will she live indoors? Will she have treats? What about her toys?” I sobbed. As she lay peacefully, pretty and pink. I made the executive decision, “Call him back, tell him no “my wife freaked out, she can’t let her go.” Long story short, he did, she stayed and now she has a new best friend.

It’s getting hot out there!!

We are in a drought. The earth is baked, dry and cracked. My garden will be ok for now, but the farmer’s I worry about. We used to have daily summer thunders, but that seems to be a thing of the past. At least for now.

As I build my blog, I hope to add more garden scenes flowers, shrubs, beds, borders.
This year is the first and official year of NO MOW!!! People can you hear the joy in my soul? My husband and I are thrilled to no longer have to deal with the drudgery of a mower! When my last daughter was born we switched over to a push mower (the old timey kind). Hey, it was green, and provided great exercise to deal with that lovely baby fat! Then the blades dulled, quited a bit. Couldn’t find a sharpener guy so we got an electric push mower. It was very zippy compared to old pushy! But still in our hearts we were like … no grass no grass. So, this year we did it. We mulched it over.. BIGTIME!

Ok, so we dealt with the borders, front and 2 sides, we did the arbor with a gate thing, (don’t worry I have roses and clems waiting to go in). Then the mulch bomb went off in the middle of the yard..
I actually have tons of plants picked out to plant, but I am stuck on the overall design. Why now I am stuck I don’t know. Plus it is so HOT I can’t stand the thought of going out right now. If only a day of rain was in the forecast that might perhaps motivate my lazy butt to get out there and get down in dirty in my mulch bomb bed. I am sure the neighbors would appreciate that.
I think they already think I am nuts, but whatever. What’s a garden addict to do I ask? Right, cram more plants in! My thoughts exactly!

Here are a few more pretties:

Check back to see if we crack up or get drenched!

The journey begins…

This is my first time… to blog that is. I will thus embark on my new journey sharing some views of where I am ..in my garden in TN.

This is my first time.. to blog that is. I will thus embark on this personal journey oh to see where the wind will blow me. Self-expression is therapeutic, not that I have ever been to therapy, but sometimes you have to break out of the funk. So, on that note I begin.. care to come along?
As the renewal of Spring brings forth the bountiful blooms and new growth of green and bronze…
I will let today be my my first day of Spring.
Let’s just see how it goes!