It’s getting hot out there!!

We are in a drought. The earth is baked, dry and cracked. My garden will be ok for now, but the farmer’s I worry about. We used to have daily summer thunders, but that seems to be a thing of the past. At least for now.

As I build my blog, I hope to add more garden scenes flowers, shrubs, beds, borders.
This year is the first and official year of NO MOW!!! People can you hear the joy in my soul? My husband and I are thrilled to no longer have to deal with the drudgery of a mower! When my last daughter was born we switched over to a push mower (the old timey kind). Hey, it was green, and provided great exercise to deal with that lovely baby fat! Then the blades dulled, quited a bit. Couldn’t find a sharpener guy so we got an electric push mower. It was very zippy compared to old pushy! But still in our hearts we were like … no grass no grass. So, this year we did it. We mulched it over.. BIGTIME!

Ok, so we dealt with the borders, front and 2 sides, we did the arbor with a gate thing, (don’t worry I have roses and clems waiting to go in). Then the mulch bomb went off in the middle of the yard..
I actually have tons of plants picked out to plant, but I am stuck on the overall design. Why now I am stuck I don’t know. Plus it is so HOT I can’t stand the thought of going out right now. If only a day of rain was in the forecast that might perhaps motivate my lazy butt to get out there and get down in dirty in my mulch bomb bed. I am sure the neighbors would appreciate that.
I think they already think I am nuts, but whatever. What’s a garden addict to do I ask? Right, cram more plants in! My thoughts exactly!

Here are a few more pretties:

Check back to see if we crack up or get drenched!


One thought on “It’s getting hot out there!!

  1. Good for you with the no-mow! I too have mulched over almost all of my grass… still working on it, but getting there. I hate grass.

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