Knitted flower accessory bag

Today I need to create and did not have alot of time.
I was reading a super cool blog and came across a free pattern for this little knitted flower. Hmmm. left over yarn and just a little time is all it took. I had a blast making these. So easy and fun. I will make more to alternate across the top. I made this little bag for my 4 year old Em who loves make up and girlie things. She was thrilled. Try this flower it is a ton of fun!

close up of knitted flowers
Originally uploaded by jennbennstar

This pattern is from Little Cotton Rabbit’s Blog is so fun. Try it!

One thought on “Knitted flower accessory bag

  1. Your flowers look delightful on the accessory bag! I also came across the pattern, and have made flowers to go on small gift bags (knitted) and the cupcake pattern from Little Cotton Rabbit was fun too!
    New Zealand

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