Dog days of summer have left me wilting!

I have to say I hate to be whiny, but it is too hot for me outside~ these days with my new job, I have little energy to get outdoors and do the weeding and watering. I have passed the torch for now to my hubby since he is home in the day time. I will get back into it I know once it cools down a bit, and when I adjust to my new work schedule. Having 2 days off a week is just not enough to get it all done.

One thing I have really been into these past few weeks is knitting. I have made a little pair of stripey socks for Em and a cool knit bag from the Purl Bee it was so fun to make, loved the pattern!Pearl Bee is a really cool blog I have been enjoying lately. I have been trying to find patterns that would not only refresh my skills, but also use up old stash I have had hanging around. My next projects I have planned are this great scarf called Hot Cross Scarf, it has cool cables in it and then a pair of socks for Sara.I did go to Michael’s yesterday after work and they have put out their fall yarn’s. There are some good looking yarns in great fall colors that I have my eye on. I am going to continue to practice/refresh my skills before I go back to  spending big bucks on fancy yarn… My daughter also wants a pair of wristlets. If anyone knows of a good pattern?

I am also in the midst of repainting my kitchen from a pinkish to antique white. It is a lovely transformation. I have exposed brick that I had used to coordinate the walls and window treatments with, but I was tired of the room being dark. So, being on the north part of the house, I thought a nice light warm antique white would do the trip. Along with freshly painted white trim. Nice and fresh. I wish I hadn’t run out of paint, but off to Home Depot tomorrow. I also found a great closet system that would work with one of our few closets. Living in my little bunglelow leaves me with little storage. So, this should do the trick. Note to self, get up early. Again, back to my point, 2 days off a week just will not do!

Here is to a good week ahead!

How time flies…

It has been so long since I have posted! I actually have started a new job at a surgery center. It is a very different experience for me. I think I will like it though.  I have already learned a ton about eyes since I started just 2 weeks ago. It is funny because I have been a nurse for 14 years, plus worked as a student nurse for 1 1/2 years before graduating and I always believed I would work in a hospital, in my favorite area SICU. However, since leaving the hellhole last October in a near nervous breakdown state, I almost thought I would never work as a nurse again. I do not mean to be overly dramatic, but I was a wreck. Towards the end of my time at my old job, I began to have panic attacks, my GI system was in a constant state of distress and pain. I had no coping abilities, I was overcome with stress, fear, and overwhelming feelings of sadness. I thought I was loosing my mind. I used to love my job and all the girls/guys I worked with. We worked really hard but always had time to laugh and appreciate the funnier moments of life in the hospital. Which there were plenty of. However, after years of changes, increasing poverty levels, sicker patients, increased drug/ alcohol usage of our patients, higher incidences of communicable diseases, more drug resistant disease. Training new nurses who would flea in fear after just a few weeks of training, being in charge, being short staffed, new rules of what else you could not do, having to take patients when there was no one to care for them except the person who answered the phone, the rest of the group would start mouthing “We can’t take any more patients” and run for their rooms. It was overwhelming and it was past time to go. I am thankful I made it out alive. That is truly the way that I felt.
So, bless my husbands heart he said leave, and I finally did. I was so thankful. It took months for me to feel like a real person again. I left October 6, 2007. I have never really looked back. By the time I left, I was only one of a small handful of people that were left from the original group of nurses, one by one they had run each of us off. By now I doubt there are 5 people left there from the old group. When the “new” management came into power it was out with the old and in with the new. They wanted nurses they could threaten, bully and control. They did want the experience of the seasoned workers who had been through hard times and who could offer words of wisdom and help decide how things can be made better, what could be changed, for the better. No indeed they did not want anyone with an opinion. They were considered the enemy and they must leave. Like I said I am thankful I made it out with my license intact.
I won’t even go into all the issues and abuse of drugs/alcohol that I observed co-workers to have. It is a true nightmare.

So, back to the lighter side. I love my new job, even though it is five days a week, and lower pay. I just love the calmness of it, the quietness, the smallness of it. I love the patients and it is a joy to do good again!

I feel better letting all of that out, even if it makes no sense to anyone but me.