Trying a new thing!

Ok, I am trying windows live writer, hopefully I can get a handle on it and use it with my blog that I currently have. It is supposed to be very user friendly and a little quicker uploading things. We will see. I can be a little challenged at times. 

On other notes, we are preparing a cremation/ash ceremony for my brother Robert.  He passed away on December 10, 2006.  It was such a sad day for us. He was 29 years old.  He had a mild mvp and otherwise healthy. He was mentally retarded, but considered high function. He was just a great great person. He would help you anyway he knew how. He was very artistic and very organized. He went thru several rounds of tests trying to determine exactly what his condition was. He was borderline CP, possibly autistic.  We never had a real diagnosis. Later, we came across the Fragile X Foundation, and just on simple review, it would appear that that is what closely resembles my brother.

Anyhow, on August 23, he would have turned 30, so we are preparing a ceremony to be held on a lake for him.

Who knew there was so much information out there to help with this task. Here is cremation solutions that I found that will help one piece a whole service together. Who knew I ask?  More to come on this subject later. It is very difficult to write on this subject.

Now, on a lighter note, I love my new skin care products I received from Marie Chantal. I can’t tell you how wonderful these products are. I am trying the 3 piece trial set, and a lip balm. Wonderful!  Highly recommend these products! The fragrance alone is enough to send you over the moon, and your skin is so soft!

As for the garden, please… nothing happening out there, it is in the high 90’s, heat index low 100’s. It is all we can do to water, so, it is surival of the fitest and will be doing some reevaluating come winter. I believe we will look to drought tolerate plants and so forth. I do believe that the roses I have should mostly make it and each year that goes by truly makes them more drought resistant. It seems like Spring was so long ago.  Goodness.

Now, as for my knitting. I am still working on my hot cross scarf, but Olivia demolished my number 9 bamboo knitting needle. So, while I have replaced the needle, I have shifted my attention to this Christmas Stockings from Little Cotton Rabbit.  I made the first one this weekend, with the Christmas trees, so cute! I am now working on the zig zag. Love these. I am using white and green yarn, Grace from Paton’s.   I hope she doesn’t mind  me linking these, she is so talented! I try to keep my eyes out for when she has the sale of her bunnies, they literally sell out in minutes.


I guess that is all that I have for now. Let’s see how this does. So far I like it.  Easy to use!

Here is a Buck Rose, Distant Drum from earlier this Spring.

One thought on “Trying a new thing!

  1. Beautiful rose…I am so happy that you are enjoying my products and thanks for mentioning them in your post…

    Marie x

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