Have a peek at our temps!!!!


It is a scorcher out there ! Forecasted temps are at an all time high. LOOK!!! I feel really bad for the people who don’t have air.

There will be a lot of deaths due to the heat I am sure.



Why do the school children have to start back to school when it is so hot? It doesn’t seem quite right. I remember when I was a girl, we would start back to school right after Labor Day. I would stare for a long time at all of my new school clothes hanging nicely in my closet. I would even try to wear an outfit or two, but by the week end I would have to forgo the fall clothes, and go back to my summer wear. It was hot back then, almost 20 years ago. Now the children start much earlier and it can’t be easy for them. I know it is not easy for the parents to drive and carpool either.  But, this too shall pass and one day we will miss the heat.  I guess.

Now, due to the am chaos we did not get the photo op we intended.  So, I will post some pictures from Friday’s Open House for Em’s school.  Sara is a little too old to indulge her mother!



One thought on “Have a peek at our temps!!!!

  1. Oh you poor thing Jennifer! You must be wilting! When we get temperatures like these, I don’t want to venture outside.

    Em is a cutie! What lovely blonde hair.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Marie x

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