This is a new thing I found, RIPT, I found it on a cool blog Montessori by Hand. I love this blog, it is cool. We love the Montessori way of teaching. Sara our older child went to Olivia’s Montessori School and it was a wonderful experience for her and us as parents learning about our child and her experience in education. Now that we are beginning the journey with our younger daughter Emma I always am drawn back to the Montessori way. Perhaps this will be a good choice for her~Maria’s Montessori.

Anyway, I was having fun gathering some ideas for inspiration… what do you think?  I need some GOOD ideas for storage, cleaning and of course new projects!

On a thankful note, we did receive RAIN yesterday evening. It is still extremely  hot and humid here, but this will soon pass.

One last thing, I recently got reacquainted with an old friend from High School.  Stacey! Hi Stacey!!! It was so wonderful to hear from her. I never thought I would find her again.  Here she is, doesn’t she look great??

Here she is at her wedding~

Here she is with her new husband Wink~

They live in New Orleans. Stacey is a visual art teacher for the  Jefferson Parish Public School system in their gifted and talented program.  Her husband  Wink is an architect and city planner.  It is so wonderful to hear from old friends!

Have a great week everyone!



  1. How lovely to meet up with an old friend. It is so easy to lose touch with people when everyone leads such busy lives.

    Marie x

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