quick little update on previous wip…


Quick little update on my embroidery attempt. I used the embroidery work and created a few borders of stash fabric to create a pillow. I backed the pillow in a chocolate suede type fabric leftover from a previous project.

Loving fall right now!

Surprise lilies popped up after our last recent rains..

This rose is Martha Gonzales, showing her pink self~ usually she is a deep red, must be the weather?!

Possibly the last fall tomatoes … I will surely miss these!

Playing with “Wolf”…

Best friends forever…

Everyone needs a best friend.  Olivia was a little puppy that found her way to our porch. She had a little chunk missing from her ear, raw paw pads, and was near starvation. It took much encouragement to convince her to come for a treat. She cowered behind a whiskey planter on our front porch. Once inside, she cowered for days trying to be invisible as she ate and slept and rested from her journey.  Her sweet personality won out and we were to never let her go. Adopted into our fold she now is the proud mother of a little black kitty.

Kitty was found under a porch as a newborn kitten. He was bottle-fed,  and hand raised. He is the sweetest little kitten. He was quickly adopted by our Olivia and he loves her pure and simple. Two little misfits never felt more loved by each other.  What one lacks the other surely makes up for.  BFF…

Fall’s final tomatos.. yum!

Some long and steady fall rain brought  out  some surprise lily’s.


A small flush of roses are beginning again. Here is Martha Gonzales who normally is a deep red, but this fall is showing some pank!

Trying embroidery….

Because fall is upon us and to me that mean leaves will soon be raining down upon the garden. I choose to not bag my leaves instead I use them for mulch. I love leaves and so do the worms! I believe in feeding the soil and so in honor of what is to be I am attempting an embroidery project of maple and oak leaves~
Practice run of maple leaves courtesy of Turkey Feathers (PatternBee is her company.) Here is her blog link I am practicing on a square of an old linen Cotton Maid sheet. I traced the pattern and you can see I am going to do one more leaf before deciding what to do with the piece. It is a work in progress no doubt as I have to work on technique, but it is so fun. Love this project and it is instant gratification as well.

Falling leaves soon to be…

Black gold for my garden. I love fall and I love to prepare my garden for rest.  While I live in the south, we do have severe winters we do have dormancy for most plants. I love to use what nature gives me.  Leaves are a real winner. They provide wonderful insulation for plants, they feed the worms thereby feeding my plants. What is not to love?

So,  in honor of what is to be soon to be upon us, I am working on this ~ a free embroidery pattern. I also plan to do the oak leaf.

Simplicity 7279

I am feeling the love for these pants! I like the skirts I have made from this pattern, but I think these pants rock.. This pattern is so easy. I had alot more fun making these pants. It has been forever since I have tried to sew pants. I had several mishaps. I cut the pattern on the fold, (stupid), but an easy fix. Then I went blank on how to sew the legs… (Duhh!) Finally, I got it.
Here is the finished product.. Man I am ready for fall… note the jacket. Yeah right, 90 degrees still. Oh well, I am ready when it gets here!

Simplicity 7279

Love this pattern. It is so easy and so fast. I made these pants this afternoon.  I used some linen print from my stash. This pattern is really fun to use.

It is the first day of fall! Yay! I am so ready.

Here is my ode to autumn, sweet autumn clematis. I love this clematis, it is so fragrant. I have it on this pergola, and on an arbor ~ night time view! 

All of our little garden critters seem to be preparing for fall..

We have “Chippy” and “Hummy” doing their own thang..

And last but not least, our Prince Kitty! Isn’t he cute, sleeping on a princess dress!

Belated blessing’s Friday…

this post got me to thinking.. What am I most grateful for? Right now it is truly my children. It is so hard to adequately describe how important and precious they are. My heart is full when I think of them.

I am also thankful we still have some little hummies passing through. I know they are making their way to Mexico. I wish them a safe journey and I will be waiting patiently for them to return. It is amazing to me how they can be so strong and smart.

I am thankful for the upcoming chance of rain over the next several days. We have been in a severe drought this year and we have lost many many plants. I am thankful for the recent rains we have had and for the rain yet to come.

Blessings to you!
Thank you for reading my post.

fairy house revisited.

I have been trying out word press and have written a post here… remembering when my older daughter taught my youngest all about fairy houses and they together created a whole fairy world. It provided days of fun.
I am trying to decide which blog site I like better. Both have pros and cons, but I think the word press might be winning so far…. decisions decisions.. Any thoughts?

From leaves, grasses, sticks, and flowers comes…

a little fairy world.  This post reminded me of the time when my older daughter taught her little sister how to build a fairy house.  An old birdhouse was made into a cozy home, rose petals were turned into soft satiny beds.  Some berries were made into  pillows and then  later placed about for snacks. Soft grasses piled high provided some more cozy lounge areas.  Baskets with fresh green leaves, tall sticks placed for perches. The roof decorated to a tee. Nature provides the bounty and little girls provide the creativity to have days filled with magical play. What could be more fun? supplies gathered

petals for soft beds

grass and lambs ear

fairy beds

berry snack and water

fairy world

finishing touch... one crumpled leaf

This fairy house launched a fairy world that my girls played in for days. Traps were set to prove that fairies had come, stayed, played and slept. Photo’s ensued. I think maybe now that fall is upon us my girls might want to revist the fairies… hmmm weekend festivities sure to follow.