Simplicity 3732


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Now I am not a great seamstress, and this gave me fits! It was too big around the neck, too tight around the waist.  Ughhh…. I did use an inexpensive fabric in case I had these problems, but still! I hate to waist my time. SO, I would not give up. What I did…

1.  Reworked the neck by sewing it smock style, going around 3 times to secure and tighten up the gathers…

2. Opened the side seams and made the waist slit style.

I think it was a good save, and I can see myself wearing this under a jean jacket maybe?!

I would make this again with these considerations,  a small pattern print, better quality fabric, shortened elastic strip for the neckline. and I would make the sides seams with side slits from the get go. Also, this pattern called for the hem to be made on the sleeves before placing the sleeves in, I would do it after.
Addendum~ I took another go at this pattern… This time in Gingham, love the fabric! It went a lot better this time, the fabric is softer and drapes a little better, and I worked out those kinks.. kind of. I think it’s a keeper! Please excuse my dirty bathroom mirror! It is not really dirty just old and tired. No matter how hard you try to shine it up, it stays the same!

I am working on this knitty project for Em, in Cotton Ease Lime and berry. I think it will be really cute.

I am also in the midst of  major fall cleaning and sorting. I am always in the battle of controlling clutter. Laundry that never ends and children that are resistant to putting there clothes and shoes away in their proper places. Oh me… but in the big picture none of that really matters. 

Have you enjoyed my little trip down memory music lane?

Have fun here! and rock on!!!!