Restoring Order..

Over the past few weeks we have been busy trying to update our kitchen, paint the walls, ceiling, and cabinets. What a trial that has been. I am mostly done except for touch ups, trim,finishing the cabinets and ceiling. I know, I didn’t paint in the right order, I should have done the ceiling first, but I am 5 feet. I am so not looking forward to that part of the project. This all began because my sister had several pieces of furniture she did not need anymore.. so it goes, but my little kitchen really needed a face lift.

Ok, so then on to the real business of restoring order..we got our living room back..
Long story, but our dogs so love us and our furniture we decided to attempt behavior modification to change some of their bad ways. So, we switched our living room with our dining room. This is quite possibly ridiculous but we needed to let our little living room have a breather.. However, I couldn’t take anymore of this arrangement. I think we all felt a little displaced to some degree, So, after moving many pieces back around I think we here at our little bungalow are feeling much much better. I think with fall quickly approaching it is a natural process to turn inward and to prepare for the upcoming seasonal changes. I feel so much better and I think our Chi will be better too!
Here are a few photos of our offenders~