fall is approaching and it is time to …

enjoy the cool fall air, feel the warm sun on our cheeks.. take in the sweet smells of fall.

I  think at this time it is time to restore order in the home, reflect on gardening woes and garden success’.  It is a glorious time to be outside.  It has been a really long time since Spring was here, Summer was long and hot. Sweltering heat. Drought. It was rough.
The hummingbird’s were late to my garden, which worked out great since we had such a late cold snap. Horribly late very cold snap. So, thankfully they stayed away until that passed. Now that fall is coming down the road, the night air is cooler, the mornings are almost brisk. Some small amounts of rain have fallen. We have new burgandy growth sprouting out on all of our roses.  A new flush of long forgotten green leaves.

Let’s look back on some  good flora…

Thanks for looking!


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