fairy house revisited.

I have been trying out word press and have written a post here… remembering when my older daughter taught my youngest all about fairy houses and they together created a whole fairy world. It provided days of fun.
I am trying to decide which blog site I like better. Both have pros and cons, but I think the word press might be winning so far…. decisions decisions.. Any thoughts?

From leaves, grasses, sticks, and flowers comes…

a little fairy world.  This post reminded me of the time when my older daughter taught her little sister how to build a fairy house.  An old birdhouse was made into a cozy home, rose petals were turned into soft satiny beds.  Some berries were made into  pillows and then  later placed about for snacks. Soft grasses piled high provided some more cozy lounge areas.  Baskets with fresh green leaves, tall sticks placed for perches. The roof decorated to a tee. Nature provides the bounty and little girls provide the creativity to have days filled with magical play. What could be more fun? supplies gathered

petals for soft beds

grass and lambs ear

fairy beds

berry snack and water

fairy world

finishing touch... one crumpled leaf

This fairy house launched a fairy world that my girls played in for days. Traps were set to prove that fairies had come, stayed, played and slept. Photo’s ensued. I think maybe now that fall is upon us my girls might want to revist the fairies… hmmm weekend festivities sure to follow.