Trying embroidery….

Because fall is upon us and to me that mean leaves will soon be raining down upon the garden. I choose to not bag my leaves instead I use them for mulch. I love leaves and so do the worms! I believe in feeding the soil and so in honor of what is to be I am attempting an embroidery project of maple and oak leaves~
Practice run of maple leaves courtesy of Turkey Feathers (PatternBee is her company.) Here is her blog link I am practicing on a square of an old linen Cotton Maid sheet. I traced the pattern and you can see I am going to do one more leaf before deciding what to do with the piece. It is a work in progress no doubt as I have to work on technique, but it is so fun. Love this project and it is instant gratification as well.

Falling leaves soon to be…

Black gold for my garden. I love fall and I love to prepare my garden for rest.  While I live in the south, we do have severe winters we do have dormancy for most plants. I love to use what nature gives me.  Leaves are a real winner. They provide wonderful insulation for plants, they feed the worms thereby feeding my plants. What is not to love?

So,  in honor of what is to be soon to be upon us, I am working on this ~ a free embroidery pattern. I also plan to do the oak leaf.