Best friends forever…

Everyone needs a best friend.  Olivia was a little puppy that found her way to our porch. She had a little chunk missing from her ear, raw paw pads, and was near starvation. It took much encouragement to convince her to come for a treat. She cowered behind a whiskey planter on our front porch. Once inside, she cowered for days trying to be invisible as she ate and slept and rested from her journey.  Her sweet personality won out and we were to never let her go. Adopted into our fold she now is the proud mother of a little black kitty.

Kitty was found under a porch as a newborn kitten. He was bottle-fed,  and hand raised. He is the sweetest little kitten. He was quickly adopted by our Olivia and he loves her pure and simple. Two little misfits never felt more loved by each other.  What one lacks the other surely makes up for.  BFF…

Fall’s final tomatos.. yum!

Some long and steady fall rain brought  out  some surprise lily’s.


A small flush of roses are beginning again. Here is Martha Gonzales who normally is a deep red, but this fall is showing some pank!