Zephyr Style… New knitting project..

 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1104/1464584079_1c35400ede.jpgI got the bug again.  To pick up and knit. I am so bad to start a project and walk away halfway done. This is what happened to my knitty project.  I hate to have unfinished objects laying around.
So, I hope to get back to that soon, but in the meantime,  I found a great site Zephyr Style and I thought I would try their Twitterpatted purse…this new project is adorable. So, I started it Saturday.
Here is how far I have gotten.

I love the colors in this yarn and it knits up quickly. I believe I will be done very soon as this garter stitch does get a bit monotnous. It is good though when several people are talking all at once.  I had this cotton yarn  in my stash and I think I have some cute coordinating fabric for the lining.  All I  will need to finish it off will be the purse handle.

I hope to have a finished project soon.

Update: 10/7/07 Here is my purse.. sorry for the poor picture quality…

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