Meet Gabrielle the Giraffe…


Our day today has been dark, rainy and hard to tell day from night. The long days of the season are settling upon us.  This is not our favorite time, but we must make do.

Make do we did! Emma wanted  to “make something else” for Dad, Christmas, whatever! She was not to be stopped. So, she brainstormed and got to drawing.  Her picture was good, but hard to tell exactly what was what.  We discussed her goals~

something soft,

something cuddly

something cute…. something tall, something squishy….

So, together we drew a pattern, we cut, we picked fabric from our stash. We sewed, a lot!

We constructed, we decorated and then we played with Gabby the Giraffe~!

We had lots of fun!  Now we are off to eat our turkey soup. Got to love the leftovers!

eggnog pancakes with cranberry maple sauce and a new softie….

We had a wonderful start to our Saturday today. Daughter #1 made us a delicious treat. They were so good they would make you slap your mamma, no joke they rocked! I think this sort of a treat is perfect for our seasonal food. Great job Sara!

Next, daughter #2 created an artwork inspiration~

The artist showing her piece!

We gathered some supplies~ fabric from our thrift-store linen sheet, stash fleece in hunter green for the backing and thread on hand. We transferred our inspiration piece to our fabric, and commenced to embroidering. This was so much fun to do together. This little pillow softie is created with love and heart from little sister to big sister for her Christmas gift.

 We hope she loves it as much as we loved making it!

 Please excuse our purple marking pen marks, they have not yet completely faded. Here is a close up view of our 3 dogs, and cat.

One beautiful scarf made!

Thanks to Pink Chalk StudioI have one Rubblework Scarf completed. It was a fun and easy project. I love how versatile this project can be. There are so many possiblities using all sorts of fabric combinations! Love it. I am not an expert seamstress by any means, but I am happy with my first go around. We have a real chill to our air, and are very close to our first freeze. So, in honor of the season, I used a brown cord, white embroidered cord, leftover plum/purple satin, and some leftover linen. I can see myself making a few more for gifts. Thank you Kathy, great project!

I will say that I had a very hard time photographing this scarf, my camera is not doing quite right, and please excuse the dirty bathroom mirror, it is old and it shows!

Sunday has rolled around again, time to post our Sunday dresses!

 It always comes down to this, finished projects on Sunday.  This day is no different for me. These 2 dresses have been in the works this week in my spare time. First is “Rob’s dress” from Rob’s knit shirt, old denim jeans incorporated into the design for sleeves. The sleeves have elasticized cuffs. They can be either 3/4 sleeves or pushed up to right above the elbow…

  I am still very committed to my pledge and I have really enjoyed the process. Good stuff!!  

 Next is my old  Target pant dress, let’s call it … Balloon applique A-line dress~

  This is an old pair of Target cotton drawstring pants.  Embellished with denim, suede and green cargo pant balloons. Only item needed to complete this project was the little doggie buttons! I did purchase those from my fabric store.

 I have lots of fun sewing, however, I am way behind on Christmas. I was out today and I can feel the “energy” of the Holiday  season  building. I hope we all have a calm and peaceful  journey  ahead of us and to remember what is dear to us, home and family, peace and love.