Meet Gabrielle the Giraffe…


Our day today has been dark, rainy and hard to tell day from night. The long days of the season are settling upon us.  This is not our favorite time, but we must make do.

Make do we did! Emma wanted  to “make something else” for Dad, Christmas, whatever! She was not to be stopped. So, she brainstormed and got to drawing.  Her picture was good, but hard to tell exactly what was what.  We discussed her goals~

something soft,

something cuddly

something cute…. something tall, something squishy….

So, together we drew a pattern, we cut, we picked fabric from our stash. We sewed, a lot!

We constructed, we decorated and then we played with Gabby the Giraffe~!

We had lots of fun!  Now we are off to eat our turkey soup. Got to love the leftovers!


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