Simplicity 3533 and a Christmas gathering

We had my work party tonight at the University clubIt was a lovely time, a wonderful dinner was served. Friends gathered and laughed and danced much. For this event a simple black dress was purchased. The only thing missing was a wrap/jacket of some sort. I do not like to be bare-armed, I also do not like to be cold.  I truly felt a jacket would be in order. I tried half heartedly to find an appropriate item. I had no luck.  So, off to the fabric store I went, and  I searched thru several books until I found~

Simplicity 3533.  At first I was feeling the love for  the jacket. As I worked with it some, it seemed to work out.  I think for our event it worked out quite nicely, and I stayed plenty warm enough. Saturday is our tree decorating day. I am still cleaning the kitchen up after the kids had a failed salt dough reciepe attempt. I guess there is always tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Simplicity 3533 and a Christmas gathering

  1. Very nice! That looks great.

    I did a similar thing in high school. I bought a plain, slinky dress for prom, and then made two different wraps/jackets, and wore it both years!

    It’s a great way to re-invent a plain colored dress.

    You did good!

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