A little bit of Christmas…

Gifts are being made and our tree has some trimmings. We are slowly making our way.

I still have so much to do, and too little time, but that is nothing new.  I am quite sure I am not alone in that …

Here are a few  sentimental memories that I would like to share… tree!


 here is the sentimental bit~ crochet snowflake by my grandmother who is 94 yrs old. I am not sure when she made these, but they have been on my tree since I can remember..

 same with the green knit bell. We used to have red, green and white. I only have one lone green bell in my possession, and I need to find a pattern to make more. However, this does nicely in the meantime. This bell has been on my tree my whole life… (I’m 37).

 gingerbread man I made not long after I was married and first getting into crafty things.. married 14 years  a little white dove up top, from my husband’s  childhood…

There are many more, but these I always love to see…

A friend at work is a single mom, with 3 kids.  She has it tough, never enough money, always working, no help from ex,  etc. etc. We are making gift baskets for her 3 children. Here are my contributions…

 One girl is 15

 One is 13

 One is 7.

I don’t know these children personally, but I hope they will appreciate the thought positive energy put into these gifts.  I hope and wish that their mom can continue to provide  all that they need to be happy and healthy.

Last notes:the knitted flowers are from here~ Little Cotton Rabbit’s blog. these are so fun to make! I had a heck of a time with that pink bag! I struggled with it because I would not take time to look at my pattern notes..
All 3 bags are based this pattern from Purl… love this!
Key chains and head band from Handmade in November ideas.

Here is my inspirational quote of the week….
Life is brief, and time is nothing but a thief… (Dr. Phil??)
Heard it last week on one of his shows, and it has stuck in my mind.. No matter how bogged down we are, or how tired we get.. in the big picture what does it matter? We must keep living, being, creating, laugh, cry, we must live our life. Today, because we may not have tomorrow…

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