A new day…

Moving on to new projects..

from Knitty.. toddle scarf for a little one.

fun and easy. a little time consuming, but easy. The pattern is so easy, my problem is I have no memory. So, I do the cf4,  purl, knit, peal,  cb4,  purl, knit, purl, so on and so forth over and over. Somehow with that easy pattern, I forget cb4 or cf4. Oh well, I will be fine, it is obvious when your off. Also, I know why I prefer wood/bamboo needles, those metal sticks are slick!   I am in LOVE with this yarn, it is Blue Sky Cotton from Purl Soho.

What a difference good yarn makes! Here is the pattern:Toddle Scarf It seems to me that the color is most true in the last photo it is a beautiful blue called Azul.
I can not say enough about how much I love Purl, they are fantastic, artistic, creative, kind and have excellent customer service! Good people!

One thought on “A new day…

  1. this is really pretty!! I can’t wait until I can do something like this! Do you crochet too? I am really slow at knitting but can whiz through crochet, is this normal?

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