Knitty Toddle scarf done and another round of Rubble!


Ok, so the Knitty Toddle scarf is done! This was easy and fun. No lie! I am really loving this.  This is for a little fellow named Jack who was born in Oct…. He will grow into it I am sure. I have one more little hat to knit then off it will go.  I myself would LOVE a scarf just like this!  close up of the pattern.

 You can barely see it, but in the middle of this photo is the key hole in which to slide the end through.

On another note, I am crazy about this Rubblework Scarf. It is so fun to make. Kathy Mack is a great designer.. here is her crafty friends of Pink Chalk Hill flicker group check out all the cool things folks have made! Ok, here is my 2nd version of the Rubble scarf..

I would love to try this on and model it, but I was out in the cold drizzly rain and my hair is standing up on it’s ends right now… not pretty!  But I think this scarf is kind of cute… I am hoping to give this as a Christmas gift…. hope it will be liked!

Here was my first version…

On another note, just to show you that true love does exist… in case you had any doubt I mean…Here is kitty and Olivia still bonding~

Still feeling the love…

Back earlier when Kitty was still  a baby~

That is love!

2 thoughts on “Knitty Toddle scarf done and another round of Rubble!

  1. These guys are too cute!!! Love your scarves and the keyhole for the end on the knitted one is a great idea. I love wearing scarves. Sometimes I just wear them around the house just to feel cozy…….

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