Amy Butler Wall Art and Wristlets

In an attempt to freshen up my work-area/computer area I made some wall art from  some Amy Butler double sided paper.. I purchased this from Michael’s.  I popped it onto some cork board tiles and voila ~ wall art!!

They had some really cool bits and bobs that coordinated with the paper, but I restrained myself…

 Wristlets knitted for littlest daughter. She wanted some in hot pink just like her big sister. What is a mother to do? Comply of course…

I made some just like this in green for big sister, then I basically used the same pattern by cutting it in half. I used this pattern for a quick quick knitting Christmas project.

 She thought they were kind of cool..!

New Year is coming what is your resolution?

Mine is to have time to be a good wife, mom, and to  cook, clean, craft, garden and work (at my job) with a pleasant attitude. Really I think I can do it, no really I can…..

can’t I??


4 thoughts on “Amy Butler Wall Art and Wristlets

  1. How did you fix the paper onto the cork tiles? Do you use them as cork boards or just for decoration?

    I’d like to do something like this for my son’s new desk area but I’d really like it to be useable. Thanks! 🙂

    • Oh me.. trying, trying, trying to remember.. how did I attach these? I think glued them. The Amy Butler paper stayed on the cork very well. I believe I used a 3M type of adhesive to adhere to the wall (I have plaster walls.) They held up fairly well. I never really used them for cork board things, mostly as art. Hope that helps! Good luck!!

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