This song really says something! check it out~ 

I am trying to remember how I came to find this blog I think from garden web anyway, I really connected to this blog, Liz and her story. It is a really really good one, and the outcome is really fantastic! I think she will be moving on really soon, ending this chapter in her life. I wish her well in her continued recovery and healing. I think it might take a lifetime to recover from such a harrowing experience. I wish her nothing but the best. I know I am being a copycat, but Nina Simone really rocks it! I love her voice, I love her message and I really love this song!

Friday night sewing, Saturday thrifting…..

So, I have really enjoyed reading this book~     it then led me to make this wee little elephant….   I am a learn as I go kind of girl~ If I do something once, I learn as I go how to do it and also learn from my mistakes…. 

there are plenty here that I made, but….    my goodness, I still think this little fella is adorable! (if I say so myself!)

Yes, this is a good book, great little projects to do. I will know how to put this little elephant together a little better next time.  I still love him though!

On another note~

I work crazy hours 5 days a week, and I am about over that… as a nurse I am used to working 12 hour shifts like 3 days a week, this 5 day thing is killing me.. It is really hard to do the work thing, come home and be a nice mom, wife, mother to 3 bad dogs, etc.  So, in attempts to find my balance, get a little sanity… Mother likes to go thrifting. It is a SATURDAY thing… a little time just for me.  I can not help but love this little weekly bit of fun..  Of course children may accompany me, but they have to be little soldiers. No crying, whining, or talk of hunger. No, they must endure!  Then, snacks will possibly follow! I am seriously hoping that by seeing how much we can find second hand for a fraction of the price they will learn to live frugally and to not feed the credit card/ live outside of your means beast!  Well, at least know how to find a good deal! I mean let’s be real, I love a bargain!!! Here are my finds for this week~

Hello Kitty long sleeve shirt,  brown rick rack  corduroy dress ~ $2.99

Lamp with very nice Linen shade  ~$6.99

garbage can (new, never used) ~ $4.99

pink leather Mary Jane style shoe, $3.99

3 drawer container~ $1.99

Chunky jade bracelet~ $1.99

green broach ~ $.99

Sewing manual ~ $.50 and not pictured are 8 stoneware bowls for $2.99.

These are things we needed (bowls, lamp, garbage can, we always need kid shoes and clothes), some things are just fun (bracelet, broach) no matter what it is the hunt that is the most fun of all I  suppose.. Happy weekend!

Finished objects, babies on my mind….

I finally finished baby Jake’s hat, it is a really cute pattern It took me awhile to get through this, I had to concentrate, on the pattern. It was not hard at all, it was fun and quick when I was alert and non-drowsy. It did not help that Christmas was in full swing.
I made this hat to go with my knitty toddle scarf… I think it is cute together.  These items are for a young baby, but they will totally grow with little Jake, as they are quite roomy!

Next fo is for a lady at work’s grandson, born just a week or 2 ago. I drew her name for her birthday party and I can not resist throwing in a little handmade something something! She has 2 miniature dauchsounds so, that was my inspiration. Pattern from Sublime Stitching~ and   I really love it! There are many bib tut’s out there and here and they are all fantastic! love these embroidery patterns!

A place to bark!!!

I found  a cause that really spoke to my heart!  We have 3 dogs and one little kitty who are all rescue animals. Every-time I see or hear of animals being destroyed at pounds it really hurts me. I know I can not save every animal. I also know that no matter how many times I talk about trying to go to a pound or shelter or rescue first to give an animal a second chance for a happy and loving life people don’t respond as I hope they might. I know I can not control or really change anyone. But, I can help other like minded people who feel as I do, and are doing what I have always wanted to do. It is not always possible to have everything you ever wanted, but we can help others who are working on a similiar dream. This is what spoke to me about Bernie’s Blog “A Place to Bark” please check it out! She is working feverishly to open a shelter and in the meantime she is using her home to house many many puppies, dogs and kitties. She is currently participating in a charity event and if she wins first place she will receive a prize of 50k for her cause. The other great thing is that for each donation she receives she will be matched up to 25k. It is a win win situation. She has a ton of support and has many artist friends who are helping her cause. If anyone has time or the inclination to help give a chance to unwanted animals please check out her blog. She also answers questions regarding her whole operation. I really admire Bernie and wish her much success!

On another note, I can not post her badge/button and I don’t know why! If anyone reading this can help me out, it would be much appreciated! I really struggle with this feature on word-press 😦

Now, I have made this Rubble Scarf many times~  I can not say enough how much I love this pattern, man I love it!!  So much, that I felt inspired to make my daughter a “Rubble Inspired” scarf… it is a loose interpretation/inspiration of the pattern ~I love so much!   I used leftover scraps from other projects, Halloween costumes, dresses, etc. I think it was a good way to clean out my scrap pile, and create a warm scarf for my little one’s  neck!

Happy Saturday!

january blooms…


Here we are in January and  it is very cold obviously but truly not as cold as it could be. We have been so fortunate  because we have had plentiful rains this Fall and Winter. It has rained the past few months more then I can remember for a long time. It is very very pleasing!

So, in turn the gardens have rewarded me with some wonderful blooms. In the past I have tried to add early bloomers for winter interest.  These include Camellia’s, Spirea’s and a Winter Witch-hazel. Here are the results…


These blooming shrubs are very light and airy.. They are not showy. You almost have to go out and search for them. I love that about gardening. Everything sleeps and when you least expect it, life renews . That is what I love about gardening, so many things change day to day, week to week, nothing ever stays the same.  Sometimes that is good, sometimes not so much. But when you garden you get to look forward to long lost friends, there is a rhythm to the days, the weeks with regards to the turning of the seasons. It is all so familiar, yet new, but always comforting. I just love that.  I must get back to my garden, it has been the best therapy I could have ever had, and it is always there for me. I must get back to it! 

Thrift store finds, vintage jammies….

Vintage sheets are my obsession lately.  I have been picking them up at my gw and junior league shops.   I love the Butterick 3314 and have been busy making some jammies. Fun!

On another note, I picked this little gem up at the gw. I love it. I am not sure if it is really Le Crueset or not, but it does say “made in France” with an “18” stamped next to the “made in France”.

Does anyone know? No matter, because I only paid $5.99 for it, and with all the Teflon talk going on, we have been using our cast iron pots more often then not. This will go nicely with our collection. I think it was a steal of a deal!

Smocket anyone?

One thing I have really been wanting to find time for is aprons, smockets, and such. In fact, I have one apron pattern cut out and all the needed notions, but no time to sew it up. I actually forgot I had it ready to go. Anyhow, since I am always on the hunt for cool pillowcases and sheets from GW, and I have a stack built up,  I felt like I needed to use up some stash.  Quickly! So, on to my next project courtesy of Mayfly, (she has a great blog!)
 This is the cutest smocket and I have been wanting to try to make one for a good while. I had to make a few changes, first I had to enlarge the size. Her pattern was for her 2 year old, about a 2T. My daughter is 4, soon to be 5. So, I used the pattern but did not tape the sheets together, allowing for more room in the mid section & adding overall length to the pattern. I also added bias ties to the shoulder’s for easy tie up. OK, here is what I ended up with.  It is hard to make a dancing girl be still, especially when she is almost ready for bed, in her tee shirt, rain-boots and new smocket. This child is always ready to break out in a song and dance..

 I used a GW sheet, for the outer, the lining was made with a coordinating green material, the bias ties actually match the sheet and the greens in it, but it did not photograph well at all. (due to the dancing bit)….. dancing and singing….

 just a  bit more dancing…

anyway, I love this pattern, so easy it took 30 minutes tops!

 I want one in my size… I could use some 4 year old energy as well, please and thank you!

Time for Black eye peas and cornbread ya’ll!!!

Ok, here is the deal, if you live in the  South, you must have black eye peas, cornbread and greens to ensure a year of good luck.  Here is our nod to tradition.   Read more about it here on this  site for more info… 

.. a nice plate of Hoppin John, corn muffins, and we already had our greens with our egg omlet this morning.  Here is to a good year!!

On another note, I finally got around to using some more thrifted pillowcases to make yet another nightgown..  I still love this pattern~ McCall’s  5510 it has many variations, but Emma is particurally found of the nightgown version. I thought I would be clever and use the hem of the case for the hem of the gown, but alas, it was too long. So, I had to turn up one time and I zigg zagged a hem. No matter, since little ones grow so fast, it will be easy to let out

 Happy New Year, may this one be filled with good health, wealth and much happiness!