Smocket anyone?

One thing I have really been wanting to find time for is aprons, smockets, and such. In fact, I have one apron pattern cut out and all the needed notions, but no time to sew it up. I actually forgot I had it ready to go. Anyhow, since I am always on the hunt for cool pillowcases and sheets from GW, and I have a stack built up,  I felt like I needed to use up some stash.  Quickly! So, on to my next project courtesy of Mayfly, (she has a great blog!)
 This is the cutest smocket and I have been wanting to try to make one for a good while. I had to make a few changes, first I had to enlarge the size. Her pattern was for her 2 year old, about a 2T. My daughter is 4, soon to be 5. So, I used the pattern but did not tape the sheets together, allowing for more room in the mid section & adding overall length to the pattern. I also added bias ties to the shoulder’s for easy tie up. OK, here is what I ended up with.  It is hard to make a dancing girl be still, especially when she is almost ready for bed, in her tee shirt, rain-boots and new smocket. This child is always ready to break out in a song and dance..

 I used a GW sheet, for the outer, the lining was made with a coordinating green material, the bias ties actually match the sheet and the greens in it, but it did not photograph well at all. (due to the dancing bit)….. dancing and singing….

 just a  bit more dancing…

anyway, I love this pattern, so easy it took 30 minutes tops!

 I want one in my size… I could use some 4 year old energy as well, please and thank you!


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