Thrift store finds, vintage jammies….

Vintage sheets are my obsession lately.  I have been picking them up at my gw and junior league shops.   I love the Butterick 3314 and have been busy making some jammies. Fun!

On another note, I picked this little gem up at the gw. I love it. I am not sure if it is really Le Crueset or not, but it does say “made in France” with an “18” stamped next to the “made in France”.

Does anyone know? No matter, because I only paid $5.99 for it, and with all the Teflon talk going on, we have been using our cast iron pots more often then not. This will go nicely with our collection. I think it was a steal of a deal!


3 thoughts on “Thrift store finds, vintage jammies….

  1. Great finds! I love old sheets from GW too, but never seem to find any buttons, zippers, etc. And certainly never anything as cool as that pot! Lucky you!

  2. Hi Jen!

    I think it might be the real thing. My le creuset pot is newer so it says le creuset on it but I bet the older ones didn’t. Plus mine also says France as well as #22. I think it’s a size thing.

    The deep ridges in the lid are to pour cold water into. When my mom makes a roast in france she pour cold water in the lid to make the moisture drops inside move back down on the meat and veggies.

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