january blooms…


Here we are in January and  it is very cold obviously but truly not as cold as it could be. We have been so fortunate  because we have had plentiful rains this Fall and Winter. It has rained the past few months more then I can remember for a long time. It is very very pleasing!

So, in turn the gardens have rewarded me with some wonderful blooms. In the past I have tried to add early bloomers for winter interest.  These include Camellia’s, Spirea’s and a Winter Witch-hazel. Here are the results…


These blooming shrubs are very light and airy.. They are not showy. You almost have to go out and search for them. I love that about gardening. Everything sleeps and when you least expect it, life renews . That is what I love about gardening, so many things change day to day, week to week, nothing ever stays the same.  Sometimes that is good, sometimes not so much. But when you garden you get to look forward to long lost friends, there is a rhythm to the days, the weeks with regards to the turning of the seasons. It is all so familiar, yet new, but always comforting. I just love that.  I must get back to my garden, it has been the best therapy I could have ever had, and it is always there for me. I must get back to it! 


One thought on “january blooms…

  1. Hi Jenn,
    lovely photos! I too am excited for spring and all the renewed life. I don’t have a garden myself (unless you would call the little patch of flowers by my front porch a garden) but look forward to the day that I do! I love playing in the dirt (with gloves of course!).

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