A place to bark!!!

I found  a cause that really spoke to my heart!  We have 3 dogs and one little kitty who are all rescue animals. Every-time I see or hear of animals being destroyed at pounds it really hurts me. I know I can not save every animal. I also know that no matter how many times I talk about trying to go to a pound or shelter or rescue first to give an animal a second chance for a happy and loving life people don’t respond as I hope they might. I know I can not control or really change anyone. But, I can help other like minded people who feel as I do, and are doing what I have always wanted to do. It is not always possible to have everything you ever wanted, but we can help others who are working on a similiar dream. This is what spoke to me about Bernie’s Blog “A Place to Bark” please check it out! She is working feverishly to open a shelter and in the meantime she is using her home to house many many puppies, dogs and kitties. She is currently participating in a charity event and if she wins first place she will receive a prize of 50k for her cause. The other great thing is that for each donation she receives she will be matched up to 25k. It is a win win situation. She has a ton of support and has many artist friends who are helping her cause. If anyone has time or the inclination to help give a chance to unwanted animals please check out her blog. She also answers questions regarding her whole operation. I really admire Bernie and wish her much success!

On another note, I can not post her badge/button and I don’t know why! If anyone reading this can help me out, it would be much appreciated! I really struggle with this feature on word-press 😦

Now, I have made this Rubble Scarf many times~  I can not say enough how much I love this pattern, man I love it!!  So much, that I felt inspired to make my daughter a “Rubble Inspired” scarf… it is a loose interpretation/inspiration of the pattern ~I love so much!   I used leftover scraps from other projects, Halloween costumes, dresses, etc. I think it was a good way to clean out my scrap pile, and create a warm scarf for my little one’s  neck!

Happy Saturday!


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