Finished objects, babies on my mind….

I finally finished baby Jake’s hat, it is a really cute pattern It took me awhile to get through this, I had to concentrate, on the pattern. It was not hard at all, it was fun and quick when I was alert and non-drowsy. It did not help that Christmas was in full swing.
I made this hat to go with my knitty toddle scarf… I think it is cute together.  These items are for a young baby, but they will totally grow with little Jake, as they are quite roomy!

Next fo is for a lady at work’s grandson, born just a week or 2 ago. I drew her name for her birthday party and I can not resist throwing in a little handmade something something! She has 2 miniature dauchsounds so, that was my inspiration. Pattern from Sublime Stitching~ and   I really love it! There are many bib tut’s out there and here and they are all fantastic! love these embroidery patterns!

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