Friday night sewing, Saturday thrifting…..

So, I have really enjoyed reading this book~     it then led me to make this wee little elephant….   I am a learn as I go kind of girl~ If I do something once, I learn as I go how to do it and also learn from my mistakes…. 

there are plenty here that I made, but….    my goodness, I still think this little fella is adorable! (if I say so myself!)

Yes, this is a good book, great little projects to do. I will know how to put this little elephant together a little better next time.  I still love him though!

On another note~

I work crazy hours 5 days a week, and I am about over that… as a nurse I am used to working 12 hour shifts like 3 days a week, this 5 day thing is killing me.. It is really hard to do the work thing, come home and be a nice mom, wife, mother to 3 bad dogs, etc.  So, in attempts to find my balance, get a little sanity… Mother likes to go thrifting. It is a SATURDAY thing… a little time just for me.  I can not help but love this little weekly bit of fun..  Of course children may accompany me, but they have to be little soldiers. No crying, whining, or talk of hunger. No, they must endure!  Then, snacks will possibly follow! I am seriously hoping that by seeing how much we can find second hand for a fraction of the price they will learn to live frugally and to not feed the credit card/ live outside of your means beast!  Well, at least know how to find a good deal! I mean let’s be real, I love a bargain!!! Here are my finds for this week~

Hello Kitty long sleeve shirt,  brown rick rack  corduroy dress ~ $2.99

Lamp with very nice Linen shade  ~$6.99

garbage can (new, never used) ~ $4.99

pink leather Mary Jane style shoe, $3.99

3 drawer container~ $1.99

Chunky jade bracelet~ $1.99

green broach ~ $.99

Sewing manual ~ $.50 and not pictured are 8 stoneware bowls for $2.99.

These are things we needed (bowls, lamp, garbage can, we always need kid shoes and clothes), some things are just fun (bracelet, broach) no matter what it is the hunt that is the most fun of all I  suppose.. Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday night sewing, Saturday thrifting…..

  1. Hi Jenn,
    Nice finds!!! I just ordered that book as well, I cannot WAIT to get it to make a little cutie like you did! Love his little blue eyes!

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