Spring cleaning…..

Well, anyone who has been to my house LATELY knows it is in a mess. I mean I try to keep things clean, but when the forces of 2 kids, one hubby and 3 dogs, 1 kitty are against you ~ what can you really do?

Pick one little area and get to steppin~ so, that is what I did. I picked one room that was total chaos and got busy… There is no way in heck I can show a before, because well you know it is way to gross. Really!  but here are a few after’s~

 it is by no means perfect and frankly it will never be that! But, it is much much better.

but all that really matters is that kitty likes it~

and em too!

I heart this!

    Orange flower

has the cutest and really very beautiful heart tutorial. She is so kind to share with everyone.  Her version is beautifully crafted and appears as a perfect piece of art. It has really inspired me! I am almost embarrassed, but here is my little version~

 Now I am just learning how to crochet, so I did not make the trim correctly. I will have it looking much better next time, because  I definitely am making one more little heart!

Make one! It is so fun!

My little quilt….

 my little quilt is done! It is quirky, wonky, soft and cuddly. Made from leftover scraps and vintage sheets and cotton batting. I have a long way to go, but I still love it.


 I really love the backing on this quilt. This vintage sheet is so soft it feels like silk! Love the yellow with the purple binding.


Grandma (95) tried to teach me how to crochet. I am determined to learn but I have a lot of practicing to do!

Febuary Blooms….

I have been enjoying a few blooms this Febuary.  We managed to miss all the tornado’s this past week, but warm weather and rain have brought more blooms out. I must remember to photograph my lorapetulom and tea olives as well.  I do not have any daffodil’s as yet, but I need to go poke around and look for my little crocus’. They should be coming up soon. So, for now, I will be content with my hellebore’s and quince buds. Enjoy!

You really shouldn’t have!

 Goodness me! My first ever award! I just don’t know what to say but thank you Penny!

I read so many great blogs and it is hard to pick favorites!

I would nominate Penny  from Sewtakeahike ~because she is a very friendly blogger, who is very talented. She can crochet like it is nobodies business, she can knit with much determination (and make  it look good), and she lives in beautiful Colorado!  She is also a talented seamstress!

I would also nominate Marie  from Marie Chantal ~because I so admire her for living her dream and getting the opportunity to do what she loves. I certainly wish her well on all of her endeavors. She also was very kind to me when I first began blogging.

Lastly, I nominate  Beki from artsycrafty babe~ she is an inspiration to me! Kids, family, work, and she is so talented! She is really really good!

Thank you Penny!

Weekend update….

We have a sick sick house~ husband, kids, even I have had a sore throat for the past few days. I am thankful my sore throat has not progressed. Hopefully they are all on the mend! Here is a little Singer I could not pass up! When I saw  it at my GW I had to get it.  $19.99. It works, but it needs a good tune up and cleaning. I could not help but think of my littlest working on this one day. She is way into craft projects. She wants to do it all!  I love the minty color!

Ok, here is the deal, February is quilt month at Sew Mama Sew and in my continued effort to do more, be more, I have undertaken the challenge. What is hard is the fact that quilting looks so easy, and straightforward, but it is hard. The threads alone can make you go over the edge. I guess the art is in how beautiful it all looks, effortless simplicity. Mine, not so much~    Well, it is a  work in progress. It started out as a 9 patch, apparently this is what young girls first worked on when they were learning how to quilt back in the day.  It seems I could not leave well enough alone, I had to go and divide it into fours, then reassemble. Well, needless to say, I do understand how important correct measurements are in this process. This is where it all went wrong for me.  All squares are wonky, but I will perservere.  I think just making myself work through process will help me more than anything else. Ultimately I would like to make a twin quilt. Ha ha, one day! For now, with all of this, I am stopping at a crib size. I just can’t take to much.   Hmmm, that little incubator quilt make do, or at the very least a doll quilt. Yes, maybe that is what it will be~ no matter what, I am having a blast! 

All items are really left over scraps and vintage sheets, pillowcases.  You didn’t think I would spend money on a project I knew wouldn’t go quite as it should did you? I have been down this road before, but I am sure to do better this time!