You really shouldn’t have!

 Goodness me! My first ever award! I just don’t know what to say but thank you Penny!

I read so many great blogs and it is hard to pick favorites!

I would nominate Penny  from Sewtakeahike ~because she is a very friendly blogger, who is very talented. She can crochet like it is nobodies business, she can knit with much determination (and make  it look good), and she lives in beautiful Colorado!  She is also a talented seamstress!

I would also nominate Marie  from Marie Chantal ~because I so admire her for living her dream and getting the opportunity to do what she loves. I certainly wish her well on all of her endeavors. She also was very kind to me when I first began blogging.

Lastly, I nominate  Beki from artsycrafty babe~ she is an inspiration to me! Kids, family, work, and she is so talented! She is really really good!

Thank you Penny!

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