Interruption of Spring~

Hard to believe that this is what I see now from my back door, when this is what I saw from my front porch last night! My husband couldn’t help but take a few pic’s…

 We had a little winter storm blow in… it is our first snowfall of the winter. I thought we had made it through, but old man winter had other plans for us! Thankfully this little snow won’t last long, and the kids LOVED it!  ~These shots are from our front porch last night. My husband was just as excited as the kids. 

Exploring the garden is so much fun when it is covered by snow! 

 Hard to believe it was so pretty the day before this blew in!

I can seriously not remember the last time we had snow in March, but it was fun while it lasted!

Much of the snow has already melted this Saturday afternoon, much to the disappointment of Livy~and all the rest of the gang.

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