Crochet~ I think I get it!

 I have been determined to learn how to do this crochet thing.  I have wanted to learn for the longest time. Ok, so it took me a long time to “get it”, but I think I am good to go now.

I thought this little top was so cute, and I new just the girl for it~

I found this cute pattern here from Jessi’s Patterns so, I just went for it! It was fun. I used the same type of yarn as she did, Caron Brites, but I am not crazy about that yarn. Also, my crochet seems loose. So, definitely lots of room to improve there. I first tried this pattern with Rowan Cotton, and I love the color, however it seems heavy. I just need to finish the straps, then I can really compare. 

  In the mean time~ here is a close up of my little flower detail.

 ~ and the back detail, I love the little vintage green buttons.

That is my first real crochet project, yay Crochet!!


3 thoughts on “Crochet~ I think I get it!

  1. Jenn,
    It looks maaavelous!!! Great job! If you find you are crocheting loosely, just use a smaller needle next time! (you probably already knew that…..youre a smart gal!)

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