This is serious!

First, the map~
This is really serious! I live for hummingbirds.! I love them as do all members of my family! We say goodbye to them with a heavy heart and wait anxiously for their return. The map is always consulted, and from yesterday or the day before, it has exploded with sightings. This means they are almost here! So, out comes the feeders and I had to double check my recipe!

Here is a lot of information for any who care to read it! To me it is so fascinating. How do these little creatures flow so far, and know how and when to stop. How do they return to the same area time after time? It is amazing to me.

Here is my last reference to the hummingbirds on their migration south. It is just really calming to me to have these bits of nature to rely on. It is grounding for me to know that I can count on certain things to be, no matter what else is going on. When I put my garden to rest in November and December it is with sadness, but also relief that we made it through another season. Of course I am always chomping at the bit to see winter go. This little map symbolizes a lot for us. Growth and renewal. Faith in something  bigger than us. It is all good!
Get your feeder’s cleaned out and prepare some sugar syrup the hummies are coming!


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