Summer Skirt Sheet Swap~ Check!

Ok, sheets are cut and packaged for travel.. for Polka Dot Creations Summer Skirt Sheet Swap!!

I had a time cutting the sheets… one sheet had spots I think… so that one was out, of course its been a long day and my eyes are tired, but it’s out.. The next one I got confused on the direction I was cutting… so part of that was out.. On to the last one, and it was not a twin, but I cut it down to spec’s..

Here they are~ set to go out tomorrow!!


~ I am excited to be in this swap!
~just because I found it blooming earlier this evening~ antique Bourbon rose “Souvenir de la Malmaison” this is a good one!

”Allister Stella Gray” Noisette rose, it is almost a pale yellow~ green when first opening, very unique and smells great!


Sunday sewing…. mixed with a little crochet…

Taking a break from the garden, I spent a little time sewing today. I am going to participate in the Polka Dot Creations Summer Skirt Sheet Swap so, I found this great sheet at the GW yesterday. It was the right size and I love the pattern …. got it home and went to wash it, and to my surprise.. the pattern is only on the top portion of the sheet. Bummer! So, i went ahead and cut it to spec’s and sewed it up. This is a great tut.. great idea. Fast, fun and a good way to “reduce, reuse and recycle” as my 5 year old has been spouting all week, thanks to Earth Week education..

So, here it is…

Making the skirt was so fun and fast that I thought I should make one for Em~ from a pillow case of course…

and in action, twirling on her toes, very hard to get a still shot…  ~

                All I can think of is “Dancing Girl” from ABBA ~ anyway I think she liked it.

I also finished up this little crochet project. Inspiration came from many different places, but I put my own spin on it by finishing up one piece,  slip stitch the sides together and making a strap gone wrong to a center closure type thing.  I am just calling it a wristlet.. and I am thinking about lining it so it can could be used. Or, I could see using in my purse for bigger things, like cell phone, sunglasses, keys.   Really I am not sure on this one…




Old garden roses and thankful Thursday…

Ok, first I am thankful it is Thursday, because I can’t take any more work.  I am over that big time, but gosh I am grateful that I have a job… (just keeping it real you know??)

   ~ grateful for MME. Antoine Mari,  the most beautiful tea rose. I love it.  Also, my Malva Zabrina reseeded for the 3rd or 4th year… I winter-sowed them in 05 I think…

   ~ this is Niobe Clematis, I have wanted this one forever, and have gotten 2 that were mislabeled, so I am thankful this is the correct one. Now, if it only matches the rose I have it paired with….

  ~ thankful, more rain.. on Zephirine Droughin. The fragrance is to die for, a climbing bourbon, thornless rose. Love it.

  ~ Zephy draped thru Limelight Hydrangea..  (the color is more true on the photo above)

  ~ thankful for my China roses, they are so cute! Found rose~ Old Gay Hill, I believe in a cemetery in NC?

  ~ thankful this little rose is still going, one of my first roses, before I really got into antique roses… Nearly Wild, love the white center, it seems to glow… (bees really love single blooms too!)

  ~ Baby Love, not old just really pretty. Thankful for the plentiful continuous blooms on this one. Think it is considered a mini rose, but it is good size and healthy. Grows well in part shade…

  ~ thankful for this little garden vignette, I photograph it quite a bit because it never fails to make me happy. I love the little tinkle of the fountain in the background.

So, with all that is wrong with this world, I am thankful for my little piece of happiness and the health of my family. We are blessed.

I am over the moon~

   ~woodland phlox

  ~purple iris hovering….

  ~I wish I could remember the name of this clematis. This year, (the 3rd year) it has really popped. The rains obviously have helped it tremendously.

  ~the kids are crazy about the yellow iris’

All I can say is it is a jungle out there…

last one…

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday musings…. a little rose anyone?

As the weather warms, and as the days grow longer, it is so hard to stay inside. I am currently battling either poison ivy or Virginia Creeper type rash… I still can’t stay inside! I have been trying for days to get a an accurate shot of this rose bush gone mad….   ~ I have no idea why this is so hard to capture in a picture…  one picture has to much light in the background, ~ this one has too much  somthing or other..

  ~on the other hand, close up photo’s are much easier…~ seriously though, this is a great rose! Everyone should grow one if you have the room!  

Now, when the blooms have faded I will attempt to tidy it up a bit.  It is a bit impossible to go thru the fence, but it is a price worth paying for now…   ~one more little peek~ here is the backside of the fence.

 Now to the back garden….

  ~ my arbor seems to have filled in nicely…  I am loving ‘Madame Alfred Carriere’ right now.  This rose is so fragrant, and nearly thornless so, it is a great choice for an arbor. Only worry is that is will get way too large for the space. But, that is a worry for another day.

     ~ close up MAC bloom

  ~ sometimes you just have to appreciate the view you create on your own…

  ~ peace be with you on this Sunday evening and enjoy Earth Week!

little happenings….

  ~ look what came!

  ~ Market bags from Penny at Sewtakeahike! I just love them and could not be more excited to go my farmer’s market!I am really excited about opening day. I hope to pick up some tomato plants.  I got some heirloom variety there last year.  Thanks Penny! I love my new bags.  They are very well made, functional and so cute!

Other little happenings around my place~    ~ wild phlox, I love this plant, it takes sun. or part shade, and the color really pops in early spring.  Very dependable. I trim it back after it blooms, easy to transplant and tough.

 ~ wood poppies, this plant is very very dependable, lives in part shade/woodland garden. Long bloom time from spring to early summer. Slowly spreads. Said to repel mammals? Saw this tidbit at a plant sale last weekend.  Not very certain on that, but  I really love this plant.

  ~ I love iris! I have many they never fail to make me happy.   When I think back to my first garden beginnings I think of my mother in law Peggy, she really got me started with many pass-a-long plants, and she really truly was instrumental to me.  She shared with me many plants, many times, I am grateful for that.  Iris and wood poppies both given to me by Peggy.

  ~ the true mark or spring begginings for me is the first blooms of climbing old blush. I love this rose and it is massive. The long cool wet spring has really been beneficial to the flower form. They are full and very romantic this spring.

 ~ this is the view from behind the fence. Main attraction is on the opposite side, but this view ain’t too bad either!

  ~ Swiss chard “bright lights” yum! This is the best thing to grow. It will grow and produce for a long time. You can cut and steam the leaves, it will grow back time and again.  It tolerates light shade. I have a few little onions mixed in.

Happy spring!

Today was the best day ever!

   ~My little friends are back!! I just walked into the kitchen and there he was!   Of course I had to do a double take, but it was true, they are back!  On the feeder just like hanging out like he( or she)  had never left!  It has been a long time, but they have made it back. It amazes me each year that they can go so far, and return. How wonderful is nature!  So, we are expecting some very cold temps tonight and tomorrow, but according to my research attempts, if the hummingbirds have a reliable source of food, they should be able to handle the colder temperatures. Let us hope so at least! I believe this should be about our last dip down.   So, today my heart is full of joy!


ps, picture from last fall, they are so fast I could not get to my camera fast enough!