A little glimmer of what is to be….

I don’t have a lot to say except I am so enjoying this wonderful spring!  I am always so thankful when this time comes around again. I love to see the new growth of old friends! Each year the garden changes just a bit, and it really delights me to see what is new, what is different and what is just a little more grown up. When you start with emptiness, it is really delightful to see how things fill in and age.   We have been blessed to have a significant amount of early spring rain, to the likes of what we haven’t seen in years. The garden really has responded. My roses are budding up, and first one out of the gate (as it always is is climbling old blush), it is just beginning to pop.  In a day or so it will be magical. In the meantime here are some early morning photos snapped quickly on my way to work ….

mornings are the best just  staring out the window catching little glimpes of what is to be…


 Love this japanese maple..please excuse the name tag..

  I just spiffed up the fountain and cleaned the pump, it is back in action!


  another view, with azalea and bridal wreath..

  somehow with my glasses on (read blurry vision) this area looked like Monet with the white bridal wreath spirea, red emperor tulip and fuschia azalea (totally need new glasses perscription, and I only wear contacts in the day time…)

 another view “Monet moment”

  cat on log bathing.. he is so cute!


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