Today was the best day ever!

   ~My little friends are back!! I just walked into the kitchen and there he was!   Of course I had to do a double take, but it was true, they are back!  On the feeder just like hanging out like he( or she)  had never left!  It has been a long time, but they have made it back. It amazes me each year that they can go so far, and return. How wonderful is nature!  So, we are expecting some very cold temps tonight and tomorrow, but according to my research attempts, if the hummingbirds have a reliable source of food, they should be able to handle the colder temperatures. Let us hope so at least! I believe this should be about our last dip down.   So, today my heart is full of joy!


ps, picture from last fall, they are so fast I could not get to my camera fast enough!

4 thoughts on “Today was the best day ever!

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