little happenings….

  ~ look what came!

  ~ Market bags from Penny at Sewtakeahike! I just love them and could not be more excited to go my farmer’s market!I am really excited about opening day. I hope to pick up some tomato plants.  I got some heirloom variety there last year.  Thanks Penny! I love my new bags.  They are very well made, functional and so cute!

Other little happenings around my place~    ~ wild phlox, I love this plant, it takes sun. or part shade, and the color really pops in early spring.  Very dependable. I trim it back after it blooms, easy to transplant and tough.

 ~ wood poppies, this plant is very very dependable, lives in part shade/woodland garden. Long bloom time from spring to early summer. Slowly spreads. Said to repel mammals? Saw this tidbit at a plant sale last weekend.  Not very certain on that, but  I really love this plant.

  ~ I love iris! I have many they never fail to make me happy.   When I think back to my first garden beginnings I think of my mother in law Peggy, she really got me started with many pass-a-long plants, and she really truly was instrumental to me.  She shared with me many plants, many times, I am grateful for that.  Iris and wood poppies both given to me by Peggy.

  ~ the true mark or spring begginings for me is the first blooms of climbing old blush. I love this rose and it is massive. The long cool wet spring has really been beneficial to the flower form. They are full and very romantic this spring.

 ~ this is the view from behind the fence. Main attraction is on the opposite side, but this view ain’t too bad either!

  ~ Swiss chard “bright lights” yum! This is the best thing to grow. It will grow and produce for a long time. You can cut and steam the leaves, it will grow back time and again.  It tolerates light shade. I have a few little onions mixed in.

Happy spring!


2 thoughts on “little happenings….

  1. Hi Jenn,
    I am so glad they arrived in time for the market this weekend!!! Your plants are amazing. It looks like you have a very green thumb!

  2. I have some of the same wildflowers and love them, too. But, I do not have wonderful roses like yours, so I will have to come visit here and look at yours. I like all the ways you photograph them – keep them coming!

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