I am over the moon~

   ~woodland phlox

  ~purple iris hovering….

  ~I wish I could remember the name of this clematis. This year, (the 3rd year) it has really popped. The rains obviously have helped it tremendously.

  ~the kids are crazy about the yellow iris’

All I can say is it is a jungle out there…

last one…

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “I am over the moon~

  1. I love all your blues, but your pink and red roses are gorgeous too. You have a lovely and peaceful garden. What part of the country are you gardening in? I couldn’t find it on your site.

  2. Jenn, your photos are so beautiful!! I cannot wait to see all the color come to life here. The crabapples are just now budding out and by next week should be just lovely. Today while I was ironing a new market bag I made, for some reason the scent it gave off smelled like a grape iris. It almost made me cry!!! I am so ready for flowers!

  3. Jenn, wonderful photos! You have a very nice blog. LOVE your woodland phlox! I planted six of them last spring. They didn’t bloom, and they languished all last season. This year though, they’ve taken off, and I’m hoping for lots of those lovely blue blooms. Blue’s my favorite bloom color. Then again, I also like pink, shades of purple, white, and oh, yellow, love yellow, bright or pastel. And then of course, there are there hot colors. . .

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