Summer Skirt Sheet Swap~ Check!

Ok, sheets are cut and packaged for travel.. for Polka Dot Creations Summer Skirt Sheet Swap!!

I had a time cutting the sheets… one sheet had spots I think… so that one was out, of course its been a long day and my eyes are tired, but it’s out.. The next one I got confused on the direction I was cutting… so part of that was out.. On to the last one, and it was not a twin, but I cut it down to spec’s..

Here they are~ set to go out tomorrow!!


~ I am excited to be in this swap!
~just because I found it blooming earlier this evening~ antique Bourbon rose “Souvenir de la Malmaison” this is a good one!

”Allister Stella Gray” Noisette rose, it is almost a pale yellow~ green when first opening, very unique and smells great!


3 thoughts on “Summer Skirt Sheet Swap~ Check!

  1. Well hello!, I’m not sure what you are cutting them for cause I haven’t followed along but just wanted to say they are beautiful fabrics. I see some great subjects on your sidebar I’m coming back to check out. You have a lovely blog. I’m supposing you are getting some vintage fabrics in return—it will be fun to see your end project.

  2. Hi Jennben, I like your header with the red rose. Also your blog has something very comforting and beautiful about it. the lovely packed sheets, a french rose, and a old fashioned watering can…give me anytime simple things!

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