Teasing Georgia~ and friends…

The Spring flush is still going strong. The roses are looking pretty good overall.  Such an odd Spring. The weather has been warm, then rain, and cold. Over and over. We are in the midst of more rain showers/ thunderstorms.  No complaints, just different than what it has been

Teasing Georgia is continuing to climb to heights unknown. I made a copper teepee for her last year.. she shows no signs of stopping.

  ~lower portion of Teasing Georgia…

  ~ mid-section

  ~view from the top portion…

   ~ another David Austin rose… Benjamin Britten this rose is vigorous, tolerates part shade and is an unusual shade of orange, reddish-pink. Very pretty…

   ~my very favorite rose of all time, a polyantha rose Marie Pavie  the fragrance is to die for, it WAFT’S and you just have not lived until you have smelled this rose. Seriously.

   ~one of my other favorites for form, color and smell is Souvenir de la Malmaison This is one of the best…

   ~ This is Belinda’s Dream It is an Earth Kind rose.. and you can read more about them here..

 If you are interested in any of the roses listed, just click on the “Photo’s” tab on the help me find site, it will show you all pictures listed for that rose.. be warned, rose addiction may overcome you. If your interested in any of these roses or other old garden roses.. go to the Antique Rose Forum on Gardenweb. this is a great resource for these roses.. 

However, we are still experiencing torrrential downpours and I am hoping some of these blooms remain intact for my sister’s wedding reception tomorrow night.  I was hoping to carry a few to her dinner hmmm…


One thought on “Teasing Georgia~ and friends…

  1. I am so jealous of all the flowers you have blooming right now! All of my roses have just barely set bud. We too have had a wet and cold Spring. 😦

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