Happy Mother’s Day~ home grown flower’s for Mom!

    ~ Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Fresh from the garden after yet another storm.. There have been some bad ones this Spring. 

  ~ I can see I need to add more flowers for companions.  The roses are good to go, but I can use some companion plants..

     ~for some reason, I am really into white, yellow and orange. I find it very Springish!



  ~I am very happy with my Confederate Jasmine. This year it has really taken off. Very fragrant, evergreen and fresh.  I am not sure of the orange flower, it was a Lowe’s special… $0.99 cents. I think.  It has come back for the second year. Love it!  The roses are The Gift (Hybrid Musk), the bee’s love this rose, it is a vigorous grower, Crown Princess Margareta and Teasing Georgia both of those are David Austin roses.  The multi- orange flower is called Blood Flower and was from the Lichterman Plant sale.  
This Spring has been really good for roses, I really can’t get over that fact. Either that or they are finally hitting their 3 year stride.   Either way, it brings me joy to share the beauty from my little plot.


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