Friday flowers….

    ~Marie d’Orleans, tea rose, I love the quill blooms..

    ~Blush Noisette Rose, a Noisette rose, this is the 3rd year, it is showing its beauty. Very fragrant.


   ~ Maggie, a Bourbon rose, this is a beautiful rose. It repeat blooms, very fragrant.

   ~ Skyrocket another Hybrid Musk rose.

   ~Pagoda Clematis. Cute.

   ~Mock Orange flowering shrub, this is a very fragrant shrub. It does get large, but you can prune to size. This Spring it held it’s blooms for a rather long time.  A month long if I am remembering correctly.

   ~Perle d’ Or, a polyantha rose.  Lovely apricot color, very fragrant. I have this one a pot, and it is happy there.  Very fast rebloomer.

Have a lovely weekend!