more bread~

  ~ I have enjoyed my no knead bread. It is so good.  The thing that I love about this bread is that each new bread has a different taste.  It never comes out the same way twice.  Of course I have been playing around with the ingredients some as well.

This loaf is   is comprised of white flour, salt, yeast and water as indicated in the original recipe    with the addition of  oats (about a cup) and also milled flax seed (also a cup).  For the crust I used wheat.  I think it turned out great.   We all seem to love this bread. It can not be any easier to make, once you get the timing figured out.  As long as I get the dough mixed, then the next day I can shape the bread and let it rise an additional two hours, then it is time to bake.    You can see how crispy and crunchy the crust is.   The secret of that is preheating the baking dish, I use a le cruset, for 30 minutes, then baking  for 30 minutes, covered, then uncovered for 15. That is all there is too it.


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