Green Polka dot’s….

  I finally got a little sewing done for Em…

I found the cutest pattern ever from Katie at that darn kat blog.
Here is my version, and I must say it has been awhile since I have sewn anything.. I am rusty and my machine is the pits… my buttonhole was acting up, but more importantly my machine makes the worst stitches…
The pattern however is wonderful, easy and fast.  The directions are fantastic.  I love not having to cut out tissue paper patterns~ that is the worst.  This just flowed very well.   What is great is the pattern gives you the option to turn the top into a dress and it is super super easy and it comes in sizes 2/3 thru 6/7. That is nice as well and a good value!
The bottoms are McCall’s 5510.   I also took advantage of some thrift store finds, the green polka dot sheet and a white vintage sheet.  Very Springy indeed!

   These pictures are not good, she moves so fast, and I had to use my old camera, it is like a dinosaur compared to my daughter’s Nikon.  I just couldn’t find it, or the battery is chaging or some such thing.. :+(




One thought on “Green Polka dot’s….

  1. Hi Jenn, looks like your daughter is very happy with her new outfit! It looks great! Hey, I FINALLY made up one of those little elephants from the last min. patchwork books, she turned out fab, I’ll post pics tomorrow on my blog!

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