Happening now….

 I found the best little cookbook for kids…. called ~

    ~note it says for kids 8 and up.. they are not much into it, but I am.

I have made a few recipes, they are all really good so far.  I loved the chocolate cake bake in the pan recipe, it was really rich and chocolaty… vegan, and really good.   Then this weekend I made up the crust recipe for home-made mini pizza’s.. man they were good.   I used whole wheat flour. The recipe makes six little pizza’s. We had 4 one for each of us.  I froze the other 2 and we made them tonight to go with our ravioli…

here is the recipe …

 pesto base, cheese and cracked pepper… with whole wheat crust~

 baked and yes,  it rocked!   We loved it!

On a deeper note~


  We had a very sad loss earlier this year..Here is a very precious quilt passed down to me by my mother from Phyllis…this precious quilt is one of many in her collection. How very sweet it is. I know we will enjoy and treasure it and remember dear Phyllis. She was a sewer, quilter, crafter, painter and so on from way back when. Her hands were never still and she did beautiful work.  She will be missed by us all.

   I did a little more sewing and I found a  super cute pattern from The handmade dress it is so cute. Easy easy easy. Very fast to make.

   It is cute, not the best picture, but really cute on and in person!!

     ~one more shirt from that darn kat… round neck top pattern, still love it!

Hope your week is great!


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