In the garden….

Here we are in June…  it is hot, it is buggy and kind of ughh.. but since it is not even Summer yet…. I better hush.  The flush of spring roses has come and gone. I am always sad when that time passes. It is magical to me.  Winter blah is swept away with the promise of better times to come.   After the roses, we still have some plants to enjoy and these are dependable plants.   They prove themselves each year..

    ~Gardenia, 3rd year in a pot. It is a smaller variety. I can’t remember the name right now.. but it smells wonderful!

   ~ the first time I winter sowed, I sowed hollyhock seeds, 4 years ago? I have had them ever since.

   ~ bee balm, from mother in law, it has been with me since I first started gardening… 1994 or 95.. love it.   So do the hummies!  You can use the leaves and flowers to make tea. Lovely!

  ~Malva Zebrina wintersowed that one winter… still going strong. Reseeds readily.

  ~ Black and Blue Salvia, once established is almost a thug.   I love it though, and so do the hummingbirds. Great plant to share!

   ~ each year I grow to love the hydrangeas more and more.  If you can get them to make it one  year, then they are good to go. In our area the summers are so hot and dry that it can be a challenge to keep newly planted plants alive. However, if they make it through one season to the next year, that is usually enough time for them to get their roots estabished. It is better to plant these thirsty plants in the fall. 

  ~ Endless Summer Hydrangea, gets better each year.

  ~ I just can not remember this one, but it is taking off like a rocket.  2 of these in pots beside my garden bench, and early in the season I planted them in the ground…. man they needed that.  They exploded!

Finding dependable plants is so important. We all need dependable rocks and go to plants… these are some of my no fail winners.. along with bulbs, you just won’t be let down.   That is an important part of my overall plan.  Finding plants that are tough and can stand the test of time.  I delight in seeing my little plants come back year after year.


2 thoughts on “In the garden….

  1. Hi Jenn,
    I adore bee balm!!! The flowers are so crazy-cool aren’t they? I cannot believe you can keep Gardenia’s alive. I have tried 2 times and both were a no go. The buds would always drop off. I guess where I live though, the humidity is about 2% most of the year, that might have something to do with it!

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