Art is where you see it….

I am still loving the crochet… It has been a while since I have had  time to make anything.   The other day I found this cool pattern  and I just love it!  The pattern was exceptionally easy and very quick to make up. 

Not only is it pretty but  I do think the Lily cotton yarn in Creamsicle makes it just a little more special.

It is so pretty and the form is truly a piece of art ~  hyperbolic dishcloth edge


We have switched to using all cloth napkins and dishtowels in order to eliminate  paper napkins and paper towels. It has gone surprisingly well so far.  Now, if I can just stop collecting the plastic bags, I would feel much better…  Back to the hyperbolic dishcloth, great pattern, super fun.  It took less then 1 ball of yarn.  Cost $1.69 for yarn, I guess less then $1.00 for this dishcloth.  I do not think I could get 2 whole clothes from this ball of yarn, however you can combine leftovers… or use for other projects of course.  The solid color Lily yarn would easily make 2 I believe.  


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