Inspiring artists and a giveaway!

Here is a wonderful site I stumbled upon the other day… and now a giveaway! Grosgrain a really cool mama/artist whom I found via Amanda her site is very inspiring to me. I love her sense of style, clean and fresh.. whose site I found via Hilliary/Wee Wonderfuls gosh that is a whirlwind of creative energy.. Since I have started blogging it is amazing to me how many creative artistic people there are in the world whose sites are so inspiring.  The creative energy that sparks from one site to another is amazing.  I feel this  energy  helps to feed the artist in me, to improve my mental health allows me to share a piece of myself with those that I love.  So, thank you all you creative bloggers… you all inspire me!  There are so MANY creative artist’s out there in blogland!


So here is the current link to the giveaway  from Grosgrain this is the cutest little caplet, if anyone has a little girl this is just too cute! It makes me think Little Red Riding hood or some such wonderful  thing!

MK Carroll, Anne’s crochet scarf pattern…



One thought on “Inspiring artists and a giveaway!

  1. Hi Jenn,
    thanks for all the links and the heads up for the giveaway! The scarf pattern is SOOOO beautiful,thanks for that link as well!
    Sending hugs and a bag of joy to you and your family!

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