One more time…. one more giveaway and more link love~

If you have a little girl look  at this…. it is so so cute!  Grosgrain is at it again! Good luck!

Lot’s of little baby girls on the way at my work, thinking of  this ~ talk about cute!! Here is a cute little shoe pattern that totally makes the outfit…

If your little girl is a little bigger then here a bigger version of the dress.

On one more note, I found this so inspiring… I am crazy about this quilt.. seriously! I love it and I don’t want it to get too far from my mind. So, I am linking it for future reference.


What’s on your mind?

A little bit of fresh…..

Currently this little view into my bathroom is making me so happy!  I just freshened this room up a few days ago by changing my curtains to the white cotton tab curtains,  new little sink skirt,  and a cleaned up dresser top with a little lamp.  A few simple changes are all it takes to freshen up a room…


My old fashioned sink… it is difficult yet charming..

but I love the little sink skirt.. it just makes it look a little more polished..

I am on a crochet kick, so there you go with the washcloth’s..

 note to self: get cute soap dispenser.. seriously that is out of whack!


 I just feel calm when I look at my dresser top.. it is clean and spare.

I love peeking into the bathroom as I walk by and seeing  the soft glow…   Seriously it doesn’t take much…

one more view of my flirty skirt….